Thank you to everyone who was interested in helping Bruno, he has since gone to a loving home and is doing great!

Meet Bruno! A lovely 5 year old Rottweiler/Husky cross!

Bruno, a Rottweiler/Husky Cross

Bruno’s Story

Bruno, although 5 years old, really is a big cuddly puppy. Because he was chained up for most of his life and thus missed his puppyhood, he is catching up. He is not very high energy as could be expected from the Husky part in him due to the fact that he was chained up. Short spurs of exercise keep him happy for now. But he can get excited and mouthy which one needs to know how to deal with to avoid accidents.

Any new person needs to gain his trust first as he can understandably wary of strange people. We are looking for experienced dog owners who had large dogs before and love Bruno and show him that life is not about being chained up.

Bruno’s Traits

Bruno has much to learn and he is very good at that. He didn’t receive the love and attention he should have as a puppy but is receiving it now. As a result he is craving human attention and should therefor be allowed indoors.

Bruno is extremely eager to please. He’s a lovable lump!

Bruno in Action!

We are having a ball with him and it is extremely fulfilling to see his progress and trust in people grow more and more everyday but in the long run, we need someone who has some extra time and love to give, to adopt Bruno! Some photos by Sharon Maxwell, Sixmilebridge.

How to adopt Bruno

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    • Majella O'Connor

      Would love to meet Bruno

      • Sean garry 0877766868

        Hi I would be interested in Bruno i live on a farm and have loads of space for Bruno

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